5 Common Cooktop Repair Problems and The Solutions

You had a long day and you want to treat yourself to a good meal only to discover that your cooktop will not just turn on. The feeling has never been good: disappointment, a halt to your dinner plan, coupled with the headache of finding a reputable appliance repair. A cooktop plays a vital role in our daily lives in our making meals and is often overlooked until something goes wrong. Just like any other appliances, cooktops can develop a range of problems that need to be fixed for it to perform at its best. Due to the electrical components and gas, these problems are best left to be handled by experts to ensure safety. However, in a case where a professional is not at your beck and call or the cooktop problems are common, minimal issues that can be handle on your own, here is a guide to get it fixed. Appliance medic repair explores what can often go wrong with cooktops and how to fix it. Keep reading!

My electric cooktop won’t turn on

You cannot cook with a cooktop that refuses to turn on or function. When this happens, one of the first things to do is to inspect the power source. When the cooktop is not functioning, the problem might be with the box in which it is plugged. Ensure that it is properly plugged or check the power box to see if it is not defective.

If the power source is in good condition and the problem still persists, then there might be issues with the internal components. As much as you might be tempted to put your DIY skills to work, it is best left to professionals if you don’t have the required skills.

Gas cooktops bring out weak flames

For gas cooktops, the common problem is that it won’t bring out flames or the flames are weak. Normally, when the cooktop is turned on, you should be able to hear the clicking sound. If the cooktop makes the clicking sound showing that it turns on but there is no flame, the smell of the gas oozing out of the gas valves will fill your nostrils. This shows there is a problem with the ignition switch. If however, there is no smell of the gas while the cooktop is turned on, there could be an obstruction in the gas flow.

Carefully inspect the burner or cooktop to ensure they are not clogged by dirt. Deep clean the cooktop and remove or debris or dirt to get it functioning optimally. If there is no clicking sound, the igniter might be defective.

The electric coils are faulty

If you have electric cooktops that have seen better days, the coils can become worn out, broken, cracked, corroded, or overheated. When this happens, it needs replacement. However, if your cooktops don’t get hot enough or at all, turn it off and check to ensure that it has a proper connection. Remove the coils, get it cleansed, and connect it back properly on the cooktop. If none of these works, the power fuse might have blown or there might be issues with the internal ignition switch. This is best left for an expert to handle.

Cooktop keeps clicking

Is your cooktop won’t stop clicking? The clicking of the cooktop of the gas stove is normal when you just turn it on. However, when it persistently continues to click without stopping or it is even preventing the flame from coming up, this can be an issue. One of the most common problems might be with the burner cap which might not be properly placed. Check to ensure that the burner cap is in proper alignment. Moreover, if there are any food debris or dirt, this can make the cooktop keep clicking. Remove the burner and get it cleaned properly to remove dirt. Excess moisture can also be the reason why the cooktop is clicking. If the cooktop burner isn’t sealed, removed it for drying to remove the excess moisture or grease. You can also use a towel to wipe out the excess moisture.

Cooktop sparks when turning on

An electric cooktop shouldn’t click or sparks like gas cooktops when it’s being turned on. When this happens, you are in for some electric cooktop repair. Sparking can be caused by a defective heating element. The heating element is damaged as a result of electric weight or temperature. Hence, resulting to sparking. Sometimes, there might be loose connectors around the coils causing it to spark. A broken wire touching the appliance metal frame or wire with the frayed insulation can also be the culprit. When this happens, it is smart to call in a professional. Problems like this are best left with an expert as it can result in fatal electric accidents.