Do You Know How To Fix Maytag Oven Error Codes? A Must Read

In the event that you have an error code on a Maytag oven, you might be on the chase to discover what the code implies. Maytag oven mistake codes are copious yet they do give accurate data.

We’ve incorporated a rundown of basic blunder codes, what they mean, and what to do to determine the issue when they are shown. When you require an authorized professional for Maytag repair or any other appliance repair in NY, Appliance repair medic is here to help.

How to Resolve Maytag Oven Error Codes

The Maytag oven error codes are particular to the model oven you possess. Here you will see common codes that correspond with different models to make your search easy.

Gemini Range

F1:- 1 through F1:- 4 are “runaway” codes alarming you that the upper and lower broiler (separately) is surpassing the cook or clean temperature you have set. The codes following are likewise demonstrating an issue with the temperature sensor.

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1:-1- Upper Runaway Cook
Error Code F1:-2 – Lower Runaway Cook
Error Code F1:-3 – Upper Runaway Clean
Error Code F1:-4 – Lower Runaway Clean
Error Code F1:-L – Oven temperature sensor, Track, Control
Error Code F3:-1 – Oven temperature sensor, Upper Oven
Error Code F3:-2 – Oven temperature sensor, Lower Oven

Resolution – Check temperature sensor and replace if you find it necessary

Error Code F1:-5 through F1:-8 are keypad codes.

Error Code F1:-5 – Keypad cancel upper
Error Code F1:-6 – Keypad cancel lower
Resolution – Check keypad, replace if fundamental
Error Code F1:-7 – Keypad disconnected
Resolution – Check wiring between the keypad and electric range control (ERC)
Error Code F1:-8 – Keypad shorted

Resolution – Check if moisture is getting into clock assembly – replace keypad if necessary

Note: Whether you are looking for Maytag washer repair or Maytag Oven repair, it is important to know the configuration of the particular model.

Coming up next are Maytag oven error codes for the entryway switch and lock switch congregations on the upper and lower broilers. The entryway hook is the “arm” that bolts the broiler entryway shut. The entryway switch actuates the entryway bolt engine to keep the broiler entryway from being opened amid the cleaning cycle.

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1: -A – Upper latch switch
Error Code F1: -A – Lower latch switch

Resolution – Check door latch switches, replace if fundamental

Error Code F1:-C – Upper door switch
Error Code F1:-D – Lower door switch

Resolution – Check door switch, replace if fundamental

Error Code F9:-1 – Latch lock upper
Error Code F9:-2 – Latch, unlock upper
Error Code F9:-3 – Latch both upper
Error Code F9:-4 – Latch, lock lower
Error Code F9:-5 – Latch unlock lower
Error Code F9:-6 – Latch, both lower

Resolution – Check for an obstruction in the door lock mechanism

ERC (Electronic Range Control) codes need immediate repair

Error Code & Meaning

Error Code F1:-E – EEPROM, Control
Error Code F1:-H – EEPROM, Read, Control

Resolution – Repair Electronic Range Control (ERC)

Other Maytag Ranges

As with other Maytag oven error codes, the following codes indicate problems with the ERC, touchpads, or temperature sensor.

Error Code & Meaning
Error Code F0 – Function key stuck
Error Code F1 – Defective touch pad or membrane
Error Code F7 – Replace touch pad or repair ERC
Resolution – Replace touch pad or repair ERC
Error Code F5 – Hardware and watchdog circuits disagree
Error Code F8 – Analog/Digital supervisory
Resolution – Repair ERC

Final Words

If you are not comfortable fixing these problems on your own, be sure to contact a qualified Maytag repair or Appliance repair NY.