GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Enough? Here is How to fix it

What to do when your GE refrigerator not cooling enough? If you are concern about the functionality of your fridge and freezer, the first thing you must know is – What cooling temperature is right for the refrigerator? According to experts, a refrigerator’s temperature should be 40°F or lower, however, when it comes to the temperature of a freezer, it should be at 0°F.

If your refrigerator is not cooling enough and you are thinking to approach GE refrigerator repair in NY, hold on! Before you approach professional to try to fix it with a DIY approach.

Refrigerator Compressor

The role of a compressor is to push vapour into the coils outside of the fridge. The pushing and pressure create heat, creating hot gas that cools in some time and absorbs heat from the freezer and fridge.

If your freezer fan is still working, but your refrigerator is not cooling, chances are your compressor need to fix.

The Fix: Firstly, disconnect compressor from the suction line and compressor discharge line to replace it. Now move the part closer to access and remove the ground wire. In the next step, you need to connect your new compressor to the suction line, discharge line, and process line. Don’t forget to do welding to secure in place. Ensure you remove the rubber grommets from your old compressor and fix it to the new one.

Condenser Coils

The compressor produces hot gas that condenser coils carry up to the evaporator coils. When refrigerant moves through the coils at high pressure, once it gets cool, it turns back into a liquid. Condenser coils that are clogged produce a poor circulation of air and limit the ability of your fridge to keep cool.

The Fix: You need to clean your clogged coil. To do that, first, you need to disconnect the refrigerator from the power before removing the toe grill. Then pick a coil brush, force the tool into the condenser coils and take out the dust that has
collected there. After that, you need to0 vacuum up the dust and reinstall the toe grill.

Condenser Fan

The role of a condenser fan is to cool the compressor and condenser coils as they work. The fan needs to run when the compressor is running. If the condenser fan stops functioning properly, the refrigerator’s temperature possibly will rise and
the compressor can overheat.

The Fix: First, find out if the condenser fan is spinning freely or not and it is not being clogged by any objects. Sometimes dust or other objects are obstructing the blades from spinning the way they should. If there is nothing obstructing the blades from spinning, possibly you need to replace the condenser fan motor. To replace the motor, simply detach the mounting screws that keep the fan in place and eliminate that assembly from the motor compartment without any damage. After that remove the mounting bracket that holds the old motor to the blades, once you remove it, now you have to replace it with your new motor.

Expert’s Help

In case you find difficulty in diagnosing the issue or unable to fix it on your own, approaching GE Appliance Repair will be the right option for you. The professionals will easily find out the cause and repair it in no time. However, make sure they license and experience in the profession.

Final Words

So, if your GE refrigerator not cooling, these are the few tips you can follow to fix it. Or you can hire the professionals’ Refrigerator Repair in NY to fix it for you.