How to Install Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Are you observing cloudy ice and water from your refrigerators? Also, noticed the change water filter indicator for too long. These signs indicate that you need to replace the water filter soon.

Replacement of water filter after regular times is necessary for avoiding waterborne diseases and for better health. Nowadays it has become easier to change water filter without any technical expertise, thanks to Samsung Refrigerator Filter.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to install the refrigerator water filter!

Step 1: Purchase the Water Filter that is Compatible

Note down the refrigerator model number and accordingly purchase a compatible refrigerator water filter. It is advisable to go for a brand like Samsung, whose quality is incomparable. Plan your water filter and ask the dealers to ship your filter after every six months or on the due date. Order it, sit and relax and leave your worries for an outdated filter gain!

Step 2: Locate the Water Filter in your Refrigerator

 Look for the water filter that may be located near the crisper or near the toe grille on the exterior of the refrigerator. The water filter housing will look much similar to a knob. For guidance, refer to the owner’s manual for the definite location of the water filter housing.

Step 3: Turn off the Water Supply

 Make sure that you turn off the water supply before removing the water filter.

Be cautious while moving the refrigerator forward to approach the water shut off valve in the back. Also, be careful and don’t scratch the floors near it or break the linoleum.

Step 4: Prepare to Install the Samsung Water Filter

 First of all, turn the filter knob to the left-hand side to install the refrigerator water filter. Make sure that you remove the filter carefully before turning off the water supply. Try installing the new filter by screwing into a place after clockwise turning it in one side.

Kudos! You have done with the installing part of a water filter.

Step 5: Flush Out About 1 Gallon of Water

 It is advisable to run 1 gallon of water, it is normal that you will hear some air in the lines for 5-6 seconds. You will see that the water sputters initially. Release some water at the starting stage of a filter, then discard the water. Get ready to use your water dispenser and now you can drink.

Step 6: Reset the Water Filter Indicator

 Finally, now you can reset your water filter Indicator after you have successfully installed your water filter. You can do this by holding down the crushed ice button for some seconds and you are done. If in case you need to ask something you can get assistance from Samsung refrigerator repair in NY.


We hope that our guide will make your installing work much simpler.

Samsung Refrigerator Filter has come with the best of the technology that saves a lot of time and money as well. Before installing, just make sure that you got the right filter that is compatible with your refrigerator. If you have any query or doubt while installing a Samsung refrigerator filter, best to take expert guidance.

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