List of Home Appliances with Highest Resale Value

Are your appliances getting older? In such situation, paying up for a high-end upgrade could be worth it, especially when you sell your home. But before you end up experiencing unnecessary sticker shock, learn which appliances to spend on with the help of Appliance Repair Medic.

When you plan to sell your home can help you determine how much should you invest in appliance upgrades. Whether you are looking for appliances repair in NY or seeking appliances highest resale value you need to consider where your home is in the market (luxury or mid-range), as well as evaluate the appliance life expectancy.

Let’s explore home appliances with the highest resale value.

Kitchen Appliances

Do you have sporting avocado-green appliances from the 70s? If yes, then it is great! As they could be a deal-breaker. Nowadays home buyers prefer fingerprint-proof stainless steel and black stainless steel appliances.

• Refrigerator

Models with French doors and those with ice and water dispensers built-into the door offer the greatest return.

• Range/Oven

Surprisingly, gas and electric slide-in, front-control series offer a great return, with a more ‘built-in’ feel as compare to traditional free standing models.

• Dishwasher

Are you planning for upgrading other kitchen appliances? It’s a great idea for your dishwasher to match – but experts advise you not to break the bank. No one can get a huge ROI for a dishwasher that will need to be replaced 10 – 12 years from now when you sell your home. Select the best dishwasher for your home or dishwasher repair NY with the help of Appliance Repair Medic.


Utility room appliances can also be a good bargaining chip in home sales:

• Washer/Dryer

High-efficiency, top and front-load washers paired with complementing dryers and storage accessories are regularly part of price negotiations.

• Water Heater

Although this might not increase the value of your home, a minimal investment in a reasonably valued, less energy consumption model could put a life in your home – especially if your current water heater is getting older. You need to look at it from the perspective of buyers: New appliance = no sudden breakdowns or repair/replacement expenses.

Qualities to Look for in Appliances that Help Home Value:

When it comes to the shopping of appliance, don’t go over the top. Unless you’re in the high-end market you won’t recover your price. Therefore, to grab the best bang for your buck, look to…

• Energy Efficiency

Nowadays buyers aware of eco-friendly appliances that hosting the Energy Star logo, which mean lower utility bills. So you should look for this logo when investing in any new appliance to enjoy maximum ROI.

• Functional Additions

Such as flat-top stoves to minimize messes, to refrigerator water dispenser/filter additions, and self-cleaning options, look to functional additions that are over flair. If we talk about the luxury Market, smart refrigerators and industrial or restaurant-grade cooking ranges could provide a ‘wow’ factor that makes a sale worthy.

• Stylish Appliances or those that Blend-In

Mismatched appliances are gone. Stainless steel is the new standard – with the industry moving toward appliances that are integrated within cabinetry, boasting cabinet-fronts or panels that attain a seamless kitchen appearance.

Final Words

Time for an Appliance Upgrade? Appliance repair medic can help. From gas to electric range circuit, swaps to the outlet, and breaker box additions, everything one platform.

Invest in large Appliance with the help of appliance repair medic and not only keep them In Top Shape, but also avail the full service appliance repair if ever needed.