Tips to Make Your Dryer More Efficient

No doubt that washing machine has made our work easier! Whether you have a whirlpool washing machine or any other, once in a lifetime everyone needs to get dryer repair. Most time we need dryer repair in NY or across the world because we do not use it efficiently. According to experts, if you want your dryer to work for a long time you must use it smartly.

Let’s explore a few useful tips that can make your dryer work more efficiently.

Keep the Lint Trap Clean

If you do laundry you must know how important it is to clean the lint trap on a regular basis if you want to prevent a fire hazard in your home. In fact, most people are aware that a clean lint trap is also energy efficient. The lint trap in the filter of the machine has an impact on the air circulation, which makes it less efficient.

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Always remember to keep your lint trap clean, especially before putting your laundry in the dryer. Also, after using dryer sheets you will find a film on your filter, so do not forget to scrub it at least once a month.

Choose Automatic Cycle

Nowadays you will find a moisture sensor option in almost every latest machine including a whirlpool. It will automatically turn off the dryer once all moisture is disappeared, it basically indicates that the clothes are dry. The other option you have is to run the dryer on a timer, with this option you can continuously dry the clothes for the length of time you have set.

This is definitely not an effective way to dry as it consumes more energy than you actually need to dry clothes. If you over dry clothes, it may harm your clothes. So it is advisable to use the automatic cycle instead of the timed one. In case you find your timer does not work, you should approach some expert for the washing machine repair in NY or wherever you live.

Dry Groups of Clothes in a Strategic Way

Do you know if you dry your clothes in a group strategically, you can save a lot in energy costs? For say, dry all the towels together, similarly dry all the sheets together, and your all lightweight cotton clothes together. This is one of the best ways to use dryer efficiently, also it helps you to save a lot of power energy of machine.

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Also, it is always best to dry lightweight clothes first before drying heavier clothes if you are doing multiple loads. By doing this the leftover heat from the lightweight load will be helpful in drying the heavier clothing items.

Choose Air Drying

In warm weather, you can give your dryer a break by choosing air drying for your clothing. Choose either a clothesline or a drying rack where you can let your clothes to dry after washing them. Air drying not only useful in reducing energy consumption, but it also extends the life of clothes.

Washer and Dryer Repair in NY

Suppose your washer or dryer isn’t functioning properly, it is painful when a machine is doing its job properly and power energy gets wasted. And this is where you need experts’ guidance and advice. If you need dryer repair in NY, you can approach experts like appliance repair medic!