Bosch Dishwasher Repair Service


Bosch Dishwasher Repair Service – Appliance Repair Medic

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to a Bosch dishwasher that has leaked water all over the floor the entire night. It could be much worse. Your refrigerator could have decided to join in the leaky party, and leak water all over the floor too. If that happens then your bed would become a boat because your entire house would be flooded. Don’t let a broken dishwasher get you down. It can always be repaired, and Appliance Repair Medic Repair can quickly repair any appliance in your home. You just need to pick up the phone and call them. Some common problems in Bosch Dishwasher:




Bosch Dishwasher won’t latch


If the door won’t latch, the latch assembly might be defective. Inspect the latch assembly to see if it is cracked or worn out. The latch assembly is normally replaced all as one part.Call us today to repair this problem.




Bosch Dishwasher dispenser doesn’t work


If the dispenser will not release the detergent the actuator connected between the wax motor and the dispenser might be broken. Check the wax motor actuator and replace it if necessary. Call us today to repair this problem.


Bosch Dishwasher won’t fill


The dishwasher has an electrical water valve called a water inlet valve. If the dishwasher won’t fill with water, the water inlet valve might be defective. These valves are not repairable and will have to be replaced. Call us today to repair this problem.


Bosch Dishwasher making noise


If the dishwasher is loud during operation, and the noise is a continuous drone similar in speed to the circulation pump sound, it’s likely that the circulation pump motor bearings have failed. Once this happens the circulation pump will have to be replaced, the bearings are not repairable. Call us today to repair this problem.


Dishwasher overflowing


The float switch is actuated by the float assembly. It is a protection device designed to prevent the dishwasher from overfilling. If the dishwasher overfills with water, it may be because this float switch is defective or stuck. Call us today to repair this problem.