7 Common Oven Problems and What to Do

You’ve got to bake some fancy home-cooked desserts only to find out your faithful good old oven is not working. Well, as much as you aren’t ready for the breakdown, your oven can sometimes fail you. From electric oven temperature problems to gas oven heating slowly to your fav whirlpool oven not working, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. While you can successfully put in your DIY skills to tackle some of these problems, some tweaks and turns are best left with professionals. With that said, here are some common oven problems and how to fix them. Read on to know how to get your oven up and running.

Electric Oven Temperature Problems

If your food seems to be overcooked or undercooked, this is mostly caused by fluctuation in temperature and It’s time to bring out your manual if you still have it. There should be instructions on how to adjust, increase, and decrease the temperature. Take up the thermometer to measure the temperature and check the accuracy. All it might sometimes require is to screw some temperature knobs and calibrate the oven control. The problem can also be a faulty igniter or thermostat which you will have to replace.

Oven won’t Turn On

Many issues can prevent ovens from turning on. Some often happen due to improper or loose connections. Check the switch plug to be sure it is rightly placed as power is an important element in an oven without which it can’t work. However, if the power is properly connected but still not working, then you need to take a look at your connection box. The wire connecting to your connection box might loosen, therefore, it is unable to transfer adequate circuits to the plug. Besides, if it is a gas oven, the problem may be due to faulty gas control, leaking gas valve or a broken wire.

Oven Door won’t Shut

After a series of cleaning and observation, if the door of your oven is still not closing properly, then the problem might be the hinge. If you have got hinges that have seen better days and are already rusting, they might need to be replaced. Thankfully this can be pretty simple and easy. However, some oven model attaches the hinge to the frame of the oven, therefore, the side panel had to be removed to replace it.

Gas Oven Heating Slowly

Nothing is more devastating than a gas that heats slowly. This often occurs to your gas oven when the gas safety valve is broken or does not open properly. Also, if the gas oven ignites which often releases the flow of gas to heat up the oven is broken, sufficient gas will not be able to fill the oven either will the valve discharge any gas. Moreover, if the thermostat which controls the amount of gas within the oven is faulty, it leads to inadequate gas to heat up properly in the oven.

Ovens and Burners Not Working

Burners often consist of heating wires that uses electric current to produce heat and if they are faulty, the burner won’t work. Igniter wiring harness can also cause a major setup if liquids often split out into it and replacing it is the best alternative. The temperature sensor also plays a significant role as they regulate the temperature of the oven. A default in it can make the oven not to work.

Self-Cleaning in the Oven Won’t Work

Many problems and errors can prevent the oven from self-cleaning. One of the major problems is a defective thermostat. The settings for an oven self-cleaning are different from food settings and this makes it achievable for an oven to cook well but not attain its optimal heating temperature while in self-cleaning mode. Therefore, it is crucial to replace the thermostat. Broken wire and clock failure are also a culprit to this problem. The best solution is to call a professional in the field to help you out as it is dangerous to fix yourself.

Oven Light doesn’t Work

The bulb produces the light in the oven. if the bulb stop working, you can just replace it. However, if the problem is still there, then you might want to take a look at the light switch to see if it is faulty. It is often connected to the bulb through an electric wire. Most importantly, always unplug the oven before any repair and consult a specialist if you are scared or not familiar with electric wires and plugs.

Oven won’t Cook Properly

Many people often complain that food baked inside their oven is unevenly cooked. Do you have the same problem? This is often caused by a dirty oven interior which does not allow the radiant element to heat the oven effectively. Also, the bake element that is responsible for baking in an oven can wear out over a long period of usage. Replace them immediately for an evenly baked food