DCS Appliance Repair

DCS Appliance Repair NY and NJ

Dependable Repair Services is proud to service the various home and commercial kitchen products made by the renowned DCS brand. DCS is esteemed as one of the world’s leaders in kitchen appliances.

They are split by inventory into their laundry appliances and their kitchen appliances both indoor and outdoor. They differ from many manufacturing companies in the area of kitchen appliances because they also offer a wide array of outdoor grilling appliances which obviously gears more toward the suburban or rural demographic.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, DCS Appliances Repair Services can repair and install these appliances. DCS is a leading brand in some of these main products but much more (i.e. laundry related products):

DCS Appliances Repair


DCS Fisher & Paykel seek to make products worthy of a professional chef, but accessible to the average homeowner. For this reason, their products are popular in demand.

If you have any of their appliances and ever need them serviced for any reason, just call on DCS Appliances Repair Services. We’re here for you, and we can help ensure those kitchen amenities stay in working and pristine quality!

Call our central booking line, (845) 444-2453 and get a chance to have 25$ off on your first service.