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FRIGIDAIRE RANGE REPAIR – Appliance Repair Medic Most of Frigidaire’s products are powered by electricity, which means you’ll never have to worry about a gas leak or explosion when it’s time to do some Frigidaire range repair. Another nice thing about the company is that they’ve designed the range in such a way that repairs aren’t all that difficult. Most of the time when an owner encounters a problem with their unit, particularly if it’s a newer model, the problem can be easily resolved simply by checking out the settings. If the range has gotten bumped, it’s possible that the settings were disrupted which is why it’s no longer heating properly. At Appliance Repair Medic we see this type of thing happen a lot when a person has first made the change from a gas stove or oven to a Frigidaire model. Several of our professional repair experts have reported back from a Frigidaire range repair call and announced that the reason the unit wouldn’t turn on was because the unit wasn’t getting any power. In some cases this can be a serious electrical issue and require replacing fuses and wires, but sometimes the problem is nothing more than the cord getting wiggled free of the wall. This is especially common if you’ve just cleaned behind your range and pushed it back against the wall. COMMON PROBLEM IS FRIGIDAIRE RANGES : FRIGIDAIRE RANGES IGNITER MAKING A CLICKING SOUND IGNITOR GLOWS BUT NOT IGNITION TO THE UNIT STUCK ON SELF CLEANING MODE FRIGIDAIRE RANGES IS DISCOLORING ON TOP DOOR NOT OPENING AFTER CYCLE IS COMPLETED The next thing you’re going to want to check will be your knobs and dials, not only do you want to make sure that they’ve been turned to the proper position, but make sure they haven’t gotten loose of their moorings. Sometimes the knob cover will turn without turning the pin underneath. If you’ve checked everything out and don’t see a simple reason for your current problem, you need to give us a call and make arrangements for one of our Frigidaire range repair expert to come to your place and handle the situation.Call Appliance Repair Medic Today for your support.