Here’s what to Check When Your Oven Isn’t Heating

Today, the oven has taken a renowned place in the modern kitchens. It is a versatile appliance which makes the cooking easier as well as fast. But what happens when this household apparatus suddenly stop heating. Any sudden breakdown halts your regular work and you need immediate oven repair services in NY.

In this article, Appliance Repair Medic team of repair technicians has given some tips if you want to check your oven yourself. While working with electric wires always make sure you are using proper procedure. Furthermore, you should have necessary qualification to do an apparatus repair.

What you will need

You should have owner’s manual and a multimeter in order to conduct a few tests. The multimeter read the amount of voltage or ohms that is traveling via wires.

Things to consider before oven repair troubleshooting

You should always consider your safety before struggling a repair on an appliance. Hence, remember before you start oven overhaul, you have to detach the power by plugging out the electrical power cord of the outlet. Moreover, you should wear defensive gear earlier beginning any work on any appliance. Now you are ready to start repair

Here are a few things you should check if an oven is not heating:

1) Bake Element:

You should start with bake element because this is a common cause, the household appliance is not heating appropriately. Bake element is a heating element that is located at the bottom of the oven. Most of the ovens use both the bake as well as broil element in bake cycle.

You should start oven repair services in NY with these elements as they perform 90% of heating. Hence, do a visual check of bake element in order to determine whether the element is defective. If bake element is not working, there is a need to replace it. Also, if bake element is OK then there is a need to check the bake circuit to detect any cause.

2) Oven Temperature Sensor:

Most ovens have a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of apparatus continually. The sensor sends a signal to electronic control to either turn ON or turn OFF the element.

If the sensor is not working properly it can be the reason why oven is not producing heat. Hence, during oven repair services in NY do not forget to check the temperature sensor. If you find any issue with the sensor, then there is a need to check the resistance with a multimeter.

You can replace it if you find the sensor faulty. Moreover, some oven uses temperature sensing bulb for controlling the temperature. You have to make sure this bulb is not loose.

3) Check Gas Oven Ignitor:

Is your gas oven not heating correctly? If yes, then you should check for the bake ignitor first. You can find ignitor at the back of oven compartment and have to remove it by unbolting from the oven floor.

Use multi-meter while performing gas oven repair service to detect the continuity of power. The multimeter should register between 0 to 1100 ohms. And if not then it means igniter has lost continuity and need replacement.

4) Oven Control Thermostat: 

The thermostat is placed in the main control panel and it controls the bake as well as broil element. This temperature controllable switch supply power to these elements. And a broken thermostat can cause the oven to produce little or even no heat at all.

Do not forget to remove the power to household appliance earlier performing oven repair troubleshooting. Also, if the brake and broil elements are not receiving power, then you should look for the proper contact of the thermostat for continuity with a multi-meter.

5) Fuses:

If your oven contains internal fuses, the wiring problem can cause the fuse to blow. A blown fuse indicates that component has failed. The ovens that use fuse shows a sign of the circuits that are pretentious by the particular fuse.

If you find oven fuse blowing during oven repair services, then there is a need to inspect the oven element. Also, inspect the allied wiring in order to determine the cause before replacing the fuse. Remember, do not change the rating of fuses.

6) Oven Require Calibration: 

There may be the reason behind not proper heating is that oven is not calibrated. Actually, this will also help with ovens that run too hot. The calibration dial is present on the back of the temperature knob or at the bottom of the small shaft. You can easily find adjustment screw on the dial.

You have to turn the screw counterclockwise in order to increase the temperature and opposite to decrease the temperature. In fact, some oven repair services in NY need half turn to increase or decrease the temperature by 25 degrees.

7) Bad Relays: 

This is also one of the reasons that prevent an oven from heating appropriately. An oven has two heating elements possibly has two relays. The relays can burn out with the time. You can check the owner’s manual for instructions and can also contact a professional for fixing a problem.

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Wrapping Up
Some problems are easy to detect while other minor issues are not easily identifiable. If you are not able to detect a problem and do not have appropriate knowledge, then contact oven repair services in providers. Appliance Repair Medic is one of the best appliance repair service providers and endows cost-effective and quality oven overhaul services in the New York City.