The Best and Easiest Way to Clean your Oven

From the oil that splitter all over the interior to food bubbles that have become muddy at the bottom, your oven can turn into a shade of greasy, messy bunch within a few minutes. However, getting it cleaned isn’t a fun thing to do neither and one that is often dreaded and delayed the most. 

A dirty oven isn’t nice to look at. You run the risk of grease fire hazards. Your well-baked cake gets contaminated with the foul smell oozing out the oven. Your oven stops performing at its optimum and you just need the help of oven repair services. These and many more are things that can go wrong when your oven is all old food debris and roasted chicken oil drippings. 

Well, we got it! Oven cleaning is one of the most onerous chores, but it doesn’t have to be. Here, we shared the tips and tricks to cleaning the oven to ensure it looks and functions at its best. Let’s dig in!

Clean regularly

Cleaning regularly won’t take as much effort as when you leave the debris to accumulate over time. To save yourself the stress and time trying to remove piled up dirt, clean immediately after you finish using or when you discover an obvious splatter in the interior. To do this, put an oven-safe bowl of water inside, put on high temperature, and leave it to boil. The steam up will help loosen the dirt and grease and you can just simply wipe them down with a damp microfibre cloth or paper towel. 

Line up the bottom

Before using the oven, consider lining the base to trap any grease or dirt. These are brilliant hacks to prevent you from getting to clean every time. You can make use of foil papers or get disposal liners which come in different sizes to meet all type of oven requirements 

Sprinkle salt on grease

If you accidentally spill food or there is the grease on the oven while cooking, and you can’t wipe it right away, sprinkle salt on it and leave the door closed. Once you are done cooking, the residue would have turned into a loosened up pile that can be easily wiped away. Don’t wait till it turns into baked up dirt. 

Deep clean your oven

To save yourself grease elbow, it is important to use the right tools and ingredients. While there are easy to use oven cleaner that will get your oven sparkling in no time, they contain chemicals that can be highly corrosive. Hence, we recommend going the DIY way and getting the best natural oven cleaner for yourself. Here is how to deep clean the oven:

  • Ensure the oven is switched off and cold before you start cleaning. 
  • Make a paste using half a cup of baking soda  with some warm water and add a tablespoon of liquid soap
  • Smear the paste all over the interior of the oven making sure it covers all the corners as well.
  • Leave it overnight 
  • Scrub out the dirt the  following morning with a damp clothe
  • In case there are stubborn baked grease or dirt, apply vinegar for easy cleaning
  • After wiping the dirt, do a final cleaning with a clean damp cloth for a sparkling oven. 

Clean the racks and trays

Cleaning the racks can be the hardest part of the chore but here are tricks to make a hassle-free one. 

  • Start off by removing the racks and trays from the oven
  • Prepare a solution of vinegar, warm water, and a liquid detergent. 
  • Soak each component in the solution in a large kitchen bathtub or kitchen sink or a large plastic bag overnight.
  • Remove the racks and give it a good scrub with soapy water and sponge.

Clean the oven exterior

Cleaning an oven glass window is simpler and it requires a gentle approach. Hence. You might want to ditch abrasive products for a less aggressive one. You can use the same mixture of baking soda and water to cover the glass door window.  Leave it on for like 30 minutes and gently wipe off the debris after. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe the door clean. Sometimes, only your regular surface cleaner will do.