How To Repair Your Cloth Dryer

A cloth dryer is one of the most important appliances in the home used for drying cloth. They are often lightweight, simple to operate, and saves you the stress of spread drying your cloth. Hence, making sure you have a dry and nice smelling cloth to wear to your work, school, and other important places. When your cloth dryer stops working, you might end up with unwashed piled-up cloth which is not only dangerous to your health when repeated but can also create an unpleasing smell in your home. Fortunately, with the right tools and safety measures, cloth dryer problems can be easily fixed at home by anyone without the help of a professional. While some can be done without opening the cloth dryer, others might require disassembling and reassembling its body which requires the proper knowledge and know-how of an expert. Here are some cloth dryer problems and how to fix them. 

The Cloth Dryer is Noisy

Cloth dryers make noise for different reasons therefore, to identify the problem, you need to first recognize the type f noise your dryer is producing. 

A peeping noise: A peep sound indicates a fault in your dryer’s roller drum bearing which can be stopped by lubricating or replacing it. The bearing is a small rubber wheel and is found within the machine. It can be accessed by opening the dryer at the top and sliding the drum forward. If the noise continues, call a repair top-loading washing machine close to you. 

A high squealing sound: A screeching sound might be due to a faulty idler pulley and need to be replaced. The idler pulley is used to regulate the drum belt tightness. The friction that occurs when the idler pulley is too tight or loose leads to the screeching sound. 

A thumping sound: If a dryer has not been used for a long time, the drum roller rubber often becomes flat leading to unsmooth spinning when the drum rotates. Also, the round drum consistently gives a thumping sound every time it reaches a flat area. The sound can be stopped by replacing the rollers.

A screeching noise: This can be caused by a damaged or worn dryer glide. A glide is a plastic, inexpensive part of a dryer that guides the drum movement on the drum rollers. The dryer glide often wears out after some time therefore, should be replaced as it can not be repaired. To access the dryer glide, remove the bulkhead of the dryer. If the sound persists, search online for washing machine repair near me and talk to them about your cloth dryer noisy sound. 

Dryer Drum Not Spinning

A broken motor, worn out or broken d rive belt can stop the thumbing of cloth in a dryer. The motor and drive belt are inexpensive can be easily replaced. Unplug the dryer and remove its rear panel to check if the belt is worn out, replace the drive belt if has worn out. After replacement, if the noise continues, then the motor is broken. You have to contact a professional clothes dryer repair in Saddle River NJ to help replace your dryer motor. 

Cloth Won’t Dry

After putting your cloth in a cloth dryer, you come back to check them only to realize they are still wet after several complete cycles. This can be caused by a damaged heating element. The dryer will still spin and complete its circle when the heating element is faulty however, it won’t be hot enough to dry the cloth. Also, overloading the dryer, poor ventilation, and a dirty lint screen can speed up the wearing out of the heating element. The heating element can be replaced by unplugging the dryer and removing the connection and its back panel. Contact professional clothes washing machines repair in Saddle River NJ to replace your heating element as they have more experience and are safety cautions. They also know the right model for your dryer.

Cloth Dryer Breaks Down

When you start your dryer and it doesn’t on, it might be due to a bad door switch or broken plunger. The dryer’s door often wears out but constant slamming can speed it up. Contact washing machine repair Saddle River, to help replace your dryer’s plunger. Inadequate electricity or unplugged cords might also be a problem. Check your dryer socket and make sure your electricity is not tripped off. 

Dryer Vent Not Working

This can be due to improper working of the vent cap, or the vent tube is filled with rigid metals or aluminum foils. This can be removed by cleaning the vent tube with a shop vacuum or replacing the entire vent. Clogged lint within the dryer or broken lint filter can also be the culprit. Replacing the dryer filter and unclogging the lint by contacting a  professional Clothes Dryers repair in Saddle River NJ