How To Repair Your Washing Machine

It’s your laundry day and you get up, pack your hemp of dirty clothes, and head over to your laundry room. You carefully separate your clothes, put as many as possible inside your washing machine, add some detergent, and press the start button. Alas, nothing happens and suddenly you realize your most important home appliance has just failed you. Washing machines are one of the most common household appliances. In fact, they are the best modern household invention serving us for decades. When, however, you come home to a damaged Samsung washing machine, this can be disheartening but for a one that works every time, it’s not a surprise that it breaks down occasionally. The good news is it can be easily repaired by the owner with simple tools or you can contact Samsung repairs in New City NY for professional help.

Many things can lead to washing machines’ poor performance or permanent breakdown. It ranges from too much detergent, a problem with the lid switch or motor drive belt, machine overload, to a clogged drainage system. The unlubricated tub bearing cracked pump and belt, clogged machine pump might also be the culprit. Repairing your washing machine may seem stressful, but with the help of Samsung repairs in Saddle River NJ, it’s actually pretty easy. There is never a good time for your washing machine to stop working and taking action immediately can prevent small problems from developing into something big. Read on as we take you through how to detect and repair a faulty washing machine.

The Washing Machine Won’t On

If your washing machine does not respond when you turn it on, check the power socket. Use a multimeter to check if power is flowing into the washing machine. If the washer is not getting any electricity then you need to check your house panel board to see if there is a problem with the circuit breaker. The washing machine lid switch or motor might also be the problem. When the motor is overheated, the machine often shuts down for some time to cool off before it starts again. However, consistent over-heating might lead to a permanent breakdown of the machine washing.

Machine Drainage Not Working

Drainage problems in washing machines are often caused by a simple clog in the drain hose and drain pump which can be solved by removing the drain hose and using a garden hose to flush out all the blockage. A broken impeller blade or foreign objects such as a pen, sock and many more can lodge in the drain pump which reduces the washing machine’s ability to drain clothes and can block it permanently. In most cases, the drain pump needs to be replaced with a new one. Detergent overload also prevents the washing machine from draining properly. Therefore, it is important to always read the machine’s manual to know the amount of detergent that can be used in one wash.

The Machine Will Not Agitate

Many things might prevent the washing machine from agitating. Overloading the machine or uneven distribution of clothes in the washer makes it imbalanced and not spin properly. Remove some of the cloth or try to distribute the cloth evenly in the machine. A faulty lid switch and drain pump will also prevent the washer from agitating and should be replaced immediately. You can contact Samsung repairs in Saddle River to help you replace your machine lid switch. A worn-out belt or damaged motor might also be the culprit. If you notice one of the machine belts is worn out, replace it with a new one.

The Washing Machine Is Noisy

A noisy washer gives a different sound and it’s often caused by several reasons which include:

  • Clicking sound: This indicates that an object such as a coin, pen, and others block the machine drain. Check your drain and remove the object.
  • Bubbling sound: A bubbling sound is an indication that something is obstructing the machine drain line but it’s not strong enough to clog the machine hose. Remove the material before it increases and finally clog the hose.
  • Humming sound: A humming sound occurs when the machine drain pump is clogged by foreign objects. You may need to replace the pump if the damage is serious.

The Washing Machine Is Unstable

Replacing your machine on an unleavened floor can make it shake while spinning. This can be fixed by putting plywood under your machine to balance it. Overloading your machine and uneven distribution of cloth can also make the machine to be off-balance. Check the machine’s manual to know the recommended load size for the cloth to move freely inside the machine.

Machine leaking water

Leakage around the machine door seal can result in leakage of water in the machine. To solve the problem, carefully clean the door seal or replace it if damaged. A build-up of mineral deposits or faulty water inlet valves can also be the problem. You can call Samsung Repair in New City NY for professional help if you find it difficult to replace your machine door seal or water inlet valve