Tips for Repairing Gas Stove Burner

Many home appliances have been developed to ease our life, make work faster, and help us save time. People can now complete their daily tasks without getting worn out or stressed. The gas stove is one of these home appliances. Although it will be cool to say that the gas stove plays an important role in our daily life however, the problem encountered with it can be devastating.

A gas stove is a type of stove filled with explosive gas such as natural gas, propane, butane, and liquefied petroleum gas and uses them as a source of fuel. This new cooking technology has grown over the years as it is adjustable, easy to clean, and can be switched off when unused. Unlike electric burners, the introduction of gas stoves has created an avenue to reduce accidents in the home. A gas burner is also integrated at the top of the gas stove and connected to the main gas line which gives better cooktop control. It is also durable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. One of the greatest advantages of cooking with gas is that the cooktop gives you the ability to control heat better.

While using a gas stove, maintaining it is an important role everyone must play. The gas burner can also be a major problem. While some of the gas stoves problems can be resolved on your own, some might require the expert hand of gas range repair in New York to get it up and running. Here are some tips for repairing a gas stove burner to get you started.

The Gas Stove Burner won’t light

One of the major causes of a gas stove that won’t light is the deposition of debris, buildup of grease or they are wet. The ignitor might also be the culprit as they often disrupt the flow of gas to the igniter. Start by shaking the ignitor, clean it with, check the ignitor control module for any possible problem. If none, move on to the burner. A wet burner still has moisture on the flame port and the burner head port, therefore, obstructing the free flow of gas. Remove excess water by shaking, then clean the burner with a dry neat cloth or allow it to air dry for some minutes. Once dry, put it back to its original position and try to light it again. If problems persist, call gas appliance repair services to help you check it out.

There is a problem with the connection

If your electric gas stove burner is not heating properly, it can be a problem with the electric connection. The problem can be a faulty switch or when the socket connecting to the burner is bad. To check if the problem is the burner, replace the burner with the one you are sure it’s working. If the problem persists, then its the socket or the electric connection. Check the socket and, replace it with a new one if burnt. If the problem persists, reach out to a professional electric range repair to get a lasting solution.

The Burner is hissing

You know your burner is not operating effectively if it starts hissing or brings out a yellow flame. This often happens when too little air or too much air is supplied to the flame. Allow the burner to cool off and turn off all controls. Open the burner and look for the burner air shutter which is often very close to the front of the appliance. Unscrew the set screw of the shutter until it is almost off. Switch the burner to the highest point to know if a noisy flame is a problem, close the shuttle slightly until the flame starts to burn quietly. If the problem is a yellow flame, open the shutter until it starts to burns blue. Screw up the shutter and close up the burner after solving the problem.

Blocked gas cooktop

Cleaning the cooktop regularly will prevent grease spillage and reduce blockage. To remove a blockage, first, remove the burner and clean it in a sink to remove any dirt outside the burner. Then soak the burner in warm water for some time, use a stiff brush to remove every debris causing a blockage in it. Finally, put a thin brush inside the burner hole to remove any debris then air dry for some hours.

The Burners keep clicking

Clicking often occurs when you switch on your burner however, if it continues for a long time, then there is a problem. This problem happens when the burner is blocked. Check the burner for any form of debris that can block the holes in the burner. Use a paper click or any metal object such as toothpicks and plastic forks to remove any food stuck in the gas grate. Contact electric range repair services if the problem continues.