Viking Gas Range Burners Won’t Light?

Is not every time you have issues with your Viking oven broiler and Viking gas burner that you need a professional to come and repair them. For instance, if your Viking gas range burner fails to light all you might need to do is to thoroughly clean the burner or just to ensure regular maintenance to prevent or solve the issue. You can simply carry out some diagnosis to know what prevents your range burners from lighting. You can professionally help within or around New Jersey as you check for Viking oven repair in Saddle River NJ.  

 In case you are having an issue with your oven broiler and you are wondering what could be the possible cause. As you try to figure out if it is the igniter that is faulty or as a result of a burned-out broil element. To save you from the stress of guessing we will be considering the common issues that can prevent your Viking oven broiler from working and what you can do to fix the issue in this post. Still having issues with your appliance contact Viking appliance repair Saddle River.

Common Reasons Your Viking Oven Broiler Is Not Working And What You Should Do

The moment you notice your oven broiler is not working the possible reason is as a result of faulty oven parts. The faulty parts that can cause problems include the broil element, oven igniter, and spark electrode. Broil is a heating element in your oven that can be found at the top of your oven. This element provides direct heat to food that is placed under it. 

Burned out or Faulty Broil Element

One of the things you might want to check if your oven broiler is not working is the broil element. Normally the broiler produces red heat but there are times the high heat can cause problems to the elements resulting in breakage and blistering. This can prevent the Viking oven broiler from producing heat or uneven heat and you can even see noticeable damage on the broiler. A faulty heating element or broil element cannot be repaired especially when it burned out, so you will have to replace it. 

Worn-Out Or Faulty Spark Electrode

Another reason your oven broiler can fail to work is as a result of having a worn-out or faulty broil spark electrode. The spark electrode works with the oven igniter to light the broiler once the oven is on and when the broil function is activated the spark electrode heats up with electricity. Once the electrode receives enough heat it produces a spark and that is what ignites gas flow to the heating element. If the spark electrode is worn out or faulty then there won’t be any production of spark which means the broiler will not work. You can inspect the spark electrode for any damage or cracks but whatever the case may be an old, worn-out, or faulty electrode can only be replaced and not repaired.

What Can You Do When Your Viking Gas Range Burner Refuse To Light

Inspect The Gas And Power Connections

When you notice your Viking gas burners is not producing heat or the control panel is off it may be due to an insufficient supply of electricity or gas. There is a need for electrical power for the control panel, igniter, and other components to function even with a gas range.

How To Inspect The Power And Gas Connections

  • Check the power cord: ensure the cord is not damaged and is well plugged in and if you are using an extension cord check to see is properly working.
  • If there is a need for repair after following all the tips you can check Viking gas repair in Saddle River NJ for assistance. possibly the circuit breaker tripped off. Check it and reset anyone that needs it.
  • Check the gas connection: ensure the range is well connected and the gas line is turned on. You will need the help of a professional in case it’s not properly connected.

Clean The Burners

Cleaning the burners can help solve the lighting issue you have. When you clean your burners some food particles and grease still get stuck around the burner and the accumulation of these can cause blockage preventing it from lighting. When you know how to properly clean the burners it can help prevent the issue. 

How To Clean Your Burners

  • Remove the Burner Caps And Clean: when you remove the caps you should scrub them using hot soapy water and a sponge. If the stains are stubborn then you can use a degreaser or oven cleaner to spray the caps and allow them to stay for one hour or two before washing with soapy hot water.  Before placing the caps back ensure it is completely dry.
  • Clean the bases: use hot and soapy water to clean the bases and for layered stains, you may want to scrape it off or soak it with hot water. Ensure whatever you use to scrape the stains will scratch the surface of the burner bases. 
  • For the burner top that is sealed: you will have to wipe it with hot soapy water and a sponge. And for stubborn stains, you can use a soft scrub cleanser and don’t apply much pressure to prevent scratches. 

Check If There Is Moisture Around The Burners

If it was after cleaning the burner or cooking with it that you discover the range burner fails to light it might be as a result of the moisture around the burner. So you might have to wait for it to dry before trying again because the Viking range burner receives all the spill and splash from your cooking which can block the igniter. The water and cleanser that are used for cleaning can make moisture do develop around the burner making it difficult to produce a spark that will light the gas. 


If there is a need for repair after following all the tips you can check Viking gas repair in Saddle River NJ for assistance.