Whirlpool Cooktop Repair Service

Whirlpool Cooktop Repair Service-Appliance Repair Medic

Whirlpool cooktops usually only have a few working components. The switch or control that you turn it on, the element (burner), the receptacle it plugs into, and the light to indicate a burner are on. If you having problems with your whirlpool cooktop then you can fix it from the whirlpool home appliance expert team. Appliance Repair Medic is ensuring the best service for your problematic whirlpool cooktop. Our expert team will fix any whirlpool home appliance very quickly and as well as smartly.

Whirlpool Cooktop Problems:

Element won’t come on your whirlpool cooktop!

The easiest way to check this kind of whirlpool cooktop problem is to swap it with another same-sized burner that is working. If it works in the new spot obviously the burner of your whirlpool cooktop is good. If not, it is most likely the problem with your whirlpool cooktop. You can also check them with a meter(usually read 20-80Ω). If it does work in a different location, then either the receptacle or switch of the whirlpool cooktop will be bad. The receptacle will physically be burnt internally to where to metal contacts inside it will look black and pitted usually (also examine the tips of the element for evidence of arching in a receptacle). If the receptacle appears normal, then the control(infinite switch) of the whirlpool cooktop is probably bad. You can check it by checking for 240vac coming to it(usually labeled L1 and L2) and then turn it on and check for 240vac going out(H1 and H2). If you show full voltage in but not out then the control of the whirlpool cooktop is bad. If you face any of this problem Appliance Repair Medic is on your side as an online and quicker repairing team for any of your home appliances.

Element comes on high in Whirlpool cooktop?

The switch of your whirlpool cooktop is what controls the wattage to the burner. So if it only goes too high it should be a bad switch. I mean the switch of your whirlpool cooktop is death. Then you have to repair it. You have to change the bad switch and have to take a new one. The Appliance Repair Medic expert team will do this job for you very easily and quickly.

Indicator light stays on all the time of your Whirlpool Cooktop?

This means one of the switches of your whirlpool cooktop is bad. To determine which one of your whirlpool cooktop switches is bad you can turn the power off to the cooktop and then remove one switch’s pilot wire(labeled on switch P or Pl). Then turn the power back on and see if the light is still on. If not, that switch to your whirlpool cooktop is the problem. If still on the put that wire back on a switch and try another(turning power off each time). If you face this problem Appliance Repair Medic is on your side as an online and quicker repairing team for any of your home whirlpool appliance.

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